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- Bridge Baron 29 is our only version available - this is available Mac and Windows. 

- Older versions of the software (Bridge Baron 24, 25, etc.) are no longer supported. All users who owned an older version of the software for Windows, can upgrade to Bridge Baron 29. You can see info below. 

- Remaining products, such as Lessons, are no longer supported. 


If you have any issue with your purchase, or installing Bridge Baron, please contact

We will get back to you in the next business day. Thank you

Bridge Baron 29 for MAC



Please make sure to purchase the correct version. Notice this is only valid for MAC - not Windows version.

Bridge Baron 29 for MAC is available in AppStore for only $64.95

Click here to purchase Bridge Baron (Mac Version) from AppStore

Bridge Baron 29 for WINDOWS





Please make sure to purchase the correct version. Notice this is only valid for WINDOWS - not Mac version.

Choose this option if this is the first time you purchase a Windows version of Bridge Baron
Choose this option if you own an older version of Bridge Baron and want to update to Bridge Baron 29
*Before ordering please download the installation instructions for Windows
Bridge Baron 29 Details

New Features

- 6 new Bridge Tournaments for free: the 2018 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Selection (with Butler IMPs scoring), the 2017 New South Wales State Swiss Pairs (with Butler IMPs scoring), the Summer 2017 DSBA Sectional, the Winter 2018 Blue Hen Sectional, the Winter 2017 Dave Treadwell Sectional, and the Spring 2018 Wilmington Sectional.

- 24 new challenging problem deals for a total of 530 Challenges. Kit Woolsey, multiple world champion and author of several bridge books, designed the new deals.

- Improved graphical user interface.

- We have improved the bidding, declarer play, and defense.

Bridge Baron 29 Runs on 

Windows  7 / 8 / 10 or newer  

MAC OS 10.9 or newer 


30 days Refund available

Please contact including the email you used for purchase and your Serial Number 



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